Pay for food, shelter or clothes in a matter of taps

Support homeless people in the most secure and transparent way

The next time you see a homeless person, help them in 3 quick steps

How homestead works

Pre-pay for the homeless person to stay there

Get notified when they arrive at the shelter

Find the nearest shelter to your location

 Homestead has zero fees as we claim Gift Aid on your behalf

Homestead is simple, secure and totally transparent to use

We use Apple Pay and PeerPay to provide secure payments

Your card is only charged when they arrive at the shelter

Key features

Totally transparent

Gift Aid ellegible

Our iOS app makes it possible to help within a matter of taps

Completely secure

Easy to use

Rob Bye

We believe intelligent technology can help change the lives of people for the better and we're starting to do this by initially helping homeless people get off the street and into shelters.

To make this happen we've brought together a team of people who've worked at Google and Nike, a Computer Science MSc graduate from Oxford, an entrepreneur who's started multiple companies, and a charity worker who's worked in outreach in both LA and London. We've also got the support of like-minded investors who want to see technology used in great ways.

The homestead team

Jesse Williams

Naomi Richardson

Nick Wood



"A truly talented team working together to build something to help those in need"

"Shelters lack the technological ability to make donating easier, Homestead can change this"

Launching this year

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